Saturday Night Live: Melissa McCarthy 5/13/17

SNL Melissa McCarthy

Last night Melissa McCarthy became the 19th member of the illustrious “Five-Timers Club” joining such luminaries as Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey as a five-time host of the legendary late-night show. It was a by-the-numbers appearance from McCarthy, and while she is always game and a delight to watch, the show didn’t really stand out as anything special.

The formula seems to be about the same. Step one: get McCarthy to dress up in a crazy outfit. Step two: spray her with, or dump something on her during a sketch. Step three: bring out recurring characters. On their own, all of these things are great. It just feels a tad lazy and predictable. The first appearance from McCarthy as Sean Spicer was incredible. The seventh? It’s impact is a little diminished.

All that said, McCarthy is a national treasure and should be treated as such. It would just be nice to get some new stuff to let said treasure really stretch her legs.


Kyle Mooney is so good at these digital shorts, especially in the documentary realm. This one follows his relationship with Leslie Jones and their attempts to traverse the marital waters. The couple’s son, little Lorne, steals the sketch despite having no lines, and a cameo from big Lorne himself (detailing that shooting other cast members is frowned upon) is the icing on the cake (wedding cake. Because it’s about weddings, get it?).


Last season, SNL made the decision to air fewer commercials. To make up for that lost revenue, they started running sponsored sketches. The concept hasn’t produced anything too offensive, but last night’s offering, sponsored by Apple, was a clear miss. In “Production Logo”, Beck Bennett pitches some ideas for the title animation for a production company. Surprise, surprise, they’re all bad. McCarthy is solid as usual, but the idea was just not executed that well.


  • Amazon Echo Silver, for seniors, is a pretty great idea. The “uh huh” function to listen to long, rambling stories would be a definite revelation.
  • Kate McKinnon’s legend of the silver screen, Debette Goldry, can usually be a little too simple, with everyone else in the sketch playing the straight man. This time, however, McCarthy played an old pal and together they regaled with tales of old Hollywood while Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata (playing Marion Cotillard and Lupita Nyong’o respectively) looked on in horror.
  • Speaking of Strong, her performance as Cathy Ann on “Weekend Update” was her strongest (surprisingly, no pun intended) yet. It bordered on preaching, but coming from the character is was touching, yet hilarious.
  • Shout out to Michael Che for finding himself in a sketch! The cold open, no less!


  • “But…that’s obstruction of justice. Wait, so, did I get him? Oh, no? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore?” – Michael Che
  • “They let you steal anything if you can run fast enough.” – Melissa McCarthy
  • “They had to use birth control pills because every time they tried to teach a monkey how to put on a condom, it ate the banana.” – Colin Jost
  • “That’s awful judgy for someone named Marriott Courtyard.” – Kate McKinnon

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