Saturday Night Live: 10/7/17 Gal Gadot

SNL Gal Gadot

This probably won’t be one for the highlight reels, but with everything going on in the country (and really the world), it’s safe to assume that comedy writing was really hard this week. Luckily we were spared another Trump cold open, and instead Jason Aldean sang the Tom Petty classic “I Won’t Back Down”. It was poignant and apropos for the moment, and served as a nice changeup to open the show.

After the emotional intro, the show was a little shaky and uneven throughout. Gal Gadot did her best, but wasn’t given a ton to work with, playing more or less the same character all night long. While the show wasn’t at it’s best, it really wasn’t bad by any stretch. Kate McKinnon is incredible, Leslie Jones dominates, and Mikey Day continues his breakout from last season. There’s a lot to like. Having said that, there weren’t really any sketches that were overly memorable, and the show as a whole seemed largely anonymous as a result.

Fired up for Kumail Nanjiani next week, however.


Sometimes the premise is all you need. In “First Date” we see two singles enjoying each other’s company on their first Bumble date. It’s a classic beauty and perhaps less-than-beauty situation until : “So, uh, O.J., is that a nickname?” Annnnnnnnnd they’re off.


This wasn’t a great show. For me, there’s always a baseline of quality for SNL, and I always enjoy watching, but this week there weren’t a ton of laugh-out-loud moments. Conversely, there wasn’t really anything that was egregiously bad (and without a Trump cold open, which I typically detest, there wasn’t a scape goat). So let’s go with another sketch I really liked. It’s always more fun to talk about good than bad.

When two National Geographic directors get lost shooting B-roll for their show, they wander the desert. Mirages happen. They’re very different. Leslie Jones kills, as usual.


  • Pete Davidson has been doing great work at the Weekend Update desk since his return to the show from rehab. This week he attempted to remedy his clinical depression by self-prescribing more air time. Really good stuff.
  • I understand you need to spread the ball around, but Kate McKinnon should be the star in every sketch, because she’s the absolute star every time she’s on the screen.
  • It was hilarious to get a realistic, well, realistic-ish view of what might actually happen if the mice actually dressed the maiden for the ball. McKinnon (surprise, surprise), Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney shone bright in this one.


  • “The tragedy in Las Vegas sparked a larger debate in America between people who want common sense gun control, and people who are wrong.” – Colin Jost
  • “There should be a buy back program: For every gun you trade in, we give you one half-inch of penis enlargement.” – Michael Che
  • “In other news, President Trump arrived in Puerto Rico this week, and let’s just say, problem solved.” – Jost
  • “Kennedy was supposed to be our swing vote. If he goes, then it’s gonna be Justice Roberts, and if he’s swinging, then I’m taking my keys out of the bowl.” – Kate McKinnon
  • “A new survey finds that half of Americans think that in the future, having sex with a robot will be normal, while the other half…are women.” – Jost


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