Saturday Night Live: 11/18/17 Chance the Rapper

SNL Chance the Rapper

Every now and again a host will come along, and things will just click. He or she will clearly be down for anything and everything and it will feel as though the cast was just increased by one member. Those are the best shows. By far. When Chance the Rapper took the stage at 8H, it felt like one of those nights. The result was one of the best shows of the year.

There was something very early Justin Timberlake-esque about Chance’s performance. He fit in seamlessly in every sketch he was in, and the energy seemed to permeate through the rest of the cast. As an ancillary benefit, for some reason (which I strangely can’t put my finger on, hmmm *thinking emoji*), the show hadn’t featured featured-player Chris Redd as much, and Chance hosting was enough of a reason to get the talented newcomer a few more reps. Incidentally, he killed it with the opportunity, specifically shining in the opening sketch in Wayne Manor, detailing Batman’s alleged propensity for violence in certain neighborhoods of Gotham.

Additionally, this show didn’t feel weighed down with Trump stuff (I know, I know, I talk about this all the time, but humor me). For the last, oh I don’t know, two years of shows, SNL at times seems like a show about Trump, with some other comedy sketches sprinkled in. This week, instead of being bloated by the blunders of 45, SNL instead poked fun at the first sons, in an immensely fun recreation of their meeting with Julian Assange. Alex Moffat’s portrayal of Eric Trump is getting hilariously good, and this is the sort of political sketch that can be funny without making you also feel terrible about yourself and the state of the world. I’d say that’s a pretty good combo.

Everyone seemed rejuvenated by Chance’s hosting, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully SNL can rely on more first time hosts for the remainder of the season in an attempt to maintain a youthful energy for the show heading into the holiday season.


This delightful 90’s R&B parody would have been priceless had it been just that. Rather than lamenting the loss of a significant other, these three are singing about missing Barack. I don’t really blame them.

THE WORST Supplemental Best

There really was a ton of good stuff on this episode. Perhaps none was as absurd and playful as Chance’s Knicks’ sideline reporter character being transferred to the Rangers beat. He knows nothing about hockey and we’re all better for it.


  • Chance’s impression of Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey impression (how’s that for confusing) was classic and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
  • The musical guest doesn’t typically enthrall me, so I end up tuning out most of the time, but Eminem’s medley of “Walk on Water”, “Stan”, and “Love the Way you Lie” ended up being awesome.
  • Kyle Mooney’s characters are my everything. They’re over the top, awkward, and kind of sad. So, so good.
  • My favorite part of the show is when it’s obvious the cast members are just out there having fun. Pete Davidson’s segment at the desk this week with Colin Jost might be the best example of that this week.


  • “I came up with a new suit color yesterday, it’s called pulorange.” – Chris Redd
  • “In this country, everybody has to pick a side. Except me, I think they’re all bitches.” – Michael Che
  • “World’s sexiest joke writer is a really specific category. It’s like being the world’s smartest horse.” – Pete Davidson
  • “As they say in hockey, let’s do that hockey.” – Chance the Rapper
  • “In collusion, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!” – Kate McKinnon


  1. Chance the Rapper
  2. Tiffany Haddish
  3. Larry David
  4. Gal Gadot
  5. Ryan Gosling

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