More Baseball Previews, YEA!

In an attempt to wear my finger to the bone, I’ve been pumping out more MLB division previews over at Lunch Mod. Despite my complaints, it’s been really fun so far. The regular season can’t come soon enough.

Here’s the NL East:

Here’s the AL West:

Here’s the NL West:

The AL/NL Central previews will drop next week. Stay tuned!

Baseball Links

The offseason is underway and the stove is hotter than the seat across from Skip Bayless, which he self-proclaimed “The Hottest Seat in Sports”. Damn, that was a stretch.


I wrote about a few guys I think could have big bounce back seasons in 2017, using a few advanced stats. Check it out here.

I also wrote about Rich Hill, who is old, and surprisingly super awesome. I liked this one. Read it here.

Trading Places (in the Pecking Order)

As baseball fans, the trade deadline often provides a lot of excitement. It also provides some traded prospects with better opportunities to showcase their skills. Whether it comes from clearing a logjam at a certain position or merely granting a change of scenery, the trade deadline often opens up spots for big leaguers and prospects alike to really show what they can do and hopefully  to set the foundation for their careers moving forward.  This year, several prospects changed teams.  You already know about Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, Lewis Brinson, and the other top-tier names. They’re good anywhere.  Other names, however, may have been given a new lease on life by the 2016 Trade Deadline.

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I’m Worried About Carlos Gomez

It’s only April. Sure he’s off to a good start, but it’s April. It could be real, but we’ll see if it lasts past April. It’s maddening to hear sometimes, but mostly because it’s true. We want to believe if it’s good and if it’s bad, we just want to know. Well, now it’s May. Sure some stats have yet to stabilize (even then, stabilization isn’t a light switch, more of a fader), but we’re starting to have enough data to make some better-informed analysis about what we’ve seen so far. You know, since it’s May. It’s still probably not time to press the panic button yet, but it’s definitely the prelude to that time. And I gotta tell you, I’m worried about Carlos Gomez.

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