Saturday Night Live: Chris Pine 5/6/17

SNL Chris Pine.png

Every now and then, a host will grace the stage at 8H and just be down for anything. Let’s call it “Jon Hamm-itis”. The show is always better when it looks like its participants are having fun, and a game host can really take the show to another level. Enter Chris Pine.

It would appear that the show is basically punting on politics outside of the Cold Open and Weekend Update. I think this might be a good move, as it could make stray political sketches more impactful long-term. The effort to shy away from the politics allowed Pine to go crazy with a wide array of fun and whimsical sketches. It might be a personal preference, but I really enjoyed the departure.

Pine quipped during his monologue (before trying to help us understand the difference between all of the Hollywood Chris’s) that it wasn’t the first time he had appeared on SNL. He made a brief cameo at the Weekend Update desk before the first rebooted Star Trek movie came out in 2009. He joked that Lorne Michaels was so impressed that he allowed Pine to make his triumphant return…eight years later. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take eight more years before Pine graces the SNL stage once again. Continue reading “Saturday Night Live: Chris Pine 5/6/17”