Saturday Night Live: 11/4/17 Larry David

SNL Larry David

Another week, another Trump cold open. I get it. This dude gives us more stuff to roll our eyes at in a week than pretty much anyone else ever in history of everything, or whatever. At the same time, all the faux pas and general evilness don’t really play well in sketches. Somehow it doesn’t really play seeing Alec Baldwin play the president as he’s meeting with Paul Manafort, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions (Beck Bennett’s Pence and Kate McKinnon’s Sessions are super great btw) and trying to wrestle with indictments and, well, general evilness. While the jokes are fine, and everyone is really great in their roles, it just feels like Jimmy Fallon tussling Trump’s hair. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get a sense of humor and start enjoying these at some point. Sadly, they’re going to be around for a little while.

Next, we get to Larry David as host, who was prettay, prettay, prettay good (I’m shocked that I didn’t hit this well in the first paragraph. If you would’ve set the over under at 1.5 paragraphs it would take for me to write make that reference, I would’ve gone under, easily). After spending the weekend traveling, I knew I was going to be late on this week’s recap, so I tried to shield myself from any spoilers or reviews before I could catch the episode myself. Unfortunately I wasn’t media savvy enough, and caught a whiff of some controversy surrounding David’s monologue. Following David’s career and his carefully cultivated persona, I was ready for the worst.

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